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Sites of Interest

The list on this page shows buildings of interest in Luton. All the buildings either appear on the Draft Local List (Proposed New Local List of Heritage Assets) or the National List (Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest). The information from both lists has been provided by Luton Borough Council.

Sites are arranged alphabetically by street and their status is shown in italics (i.e. Draft Local List, Grade I listed or Grade II listed). Please note that the Draft Local List has yet to be formally adopted by Luton Borough Council and may be subject to change.

Click on a site to view its site record, which provides more information and locates it on an aerial view and Ordnance Survey map.

Adelaide Street
43 Adelaide Street [Draft Local List]
Alexandra Avenue
Denbigh High School [Draft Local List]
Ashburnham Road
59-65 Ashburnham Road [Draft Local List]
Black Swan Lane
The Black Swan [Draft Local List]
Blenheim Crescent
Church of St Andrew [Grade II listed]
Blyth Place
1-14 Blyth Place [Draft Local List]
Bramingham Road
Little Bramingham Farmhouse [Grade II listed]
Bushmead Road
Stopsley Common Farm [Draft Local List]
Bute Street
28b Bute Street - Bute Mills [Draft Local List]
43 Bute Street - The Engine Public House [Draft Local List]
47-53 Bute Street - Former Vyse’s Hat Factory [Draft Local List]
55 Bute Street [Draft Local List]
61 Bute Street [Grade II listed]
63 Bute Street - Great Northern Public House [Grade II listed]
64 Bute Street [Grade II listed]
66 & 68 Bute Street [Grade II listed]
70 Bute Street - George II Public House [Grade II listed]
Bute Street, Hat Press
Hat Press [Draft Local List]
Butterfield Green Road
Manor Farm [Draft Local List]
111 Butterfield Green Road [Grade II listed]
Capability Green
Hare Sculpture [Draft Local List]
Cardiff Road
12 Cardiff Road [Draft Local List]
Cardigan Street
1-5 Cardigan Street - Cardigan Mews [Draft Local List]
2-6 Cardigan Street [Draft Local List]
Castle Street
Baptist Union Church [Grade II listed]
Red Lion Hotel [Grade II listed]
1 Castle Street - The White Hart Public House [Grade II listed]
2-8 Castle Street [Grade II listed]
5 Castle Street [Grade II listed]
59-65 Castle Street [Draft Local List]
66-76 Castle Street [Draft Local List]
Chapel Street
Bethel Baptist Church [Draft Local List]
9 Chapel Street - The Griffin Public House [Grade II listed]
75-87 (odds) Chapel Street [Draft Local List]
49 Cheapside [Draft Local List]
53 Cheapside [Grade II listed]
Church Street
Parish Church Of St Mary [Grade I listed]
Clarendon Road
12 & 14 Clarendon Road [Draft Local List]
Compton Avenue
59 & 61 Compton Avenue [Draft Local List]
Crawley Green Road
Crawley Cemetery and lodge [Draft Local List]
Crescent Rise
19 Crescent Rise [Draft Local List]
Cromwell Hill
16 Cromwell Hill [Draft Local List]
Dudley Street
1-5 Dudley Street [Draft Local List]
4 Dudley Street [Draft Local List]
Dumfries Street
43 Dumfries Street [Draft Local List]
45-55 Dumfries Street [Grade II listed]
Dunstable Place
The Oddfellows pub (now Kink) [Draft Local List]
Dunstable Road
Alankar Indian restaurant [Draft Local List]
Bute House [Draft Local List]
19 Dunstable Road - Central Block Of St Marys Hospital [Grade II listed]
127 Dunstable Road - Former Bingo Hall (Odeon Cinema) [Grade II listed]
Eaton Green Road
Wigmore Hall Farmhouse [Grade II listed]
Frederick Street
3-7 Frederick Street - Factories [Draft Local List]
9 Frederick Street [Draft Local List]
12 & 14 Frederick Street [Draft Local List]
George Street
Luton Town Hall [Grade II listed]
War Memorial [Grade II listed]
1 George Street - The Nickel Bag Public House [Grade II listed]
21 George Street [Grade II listed]
23 George Street [Draft Local List]
25 George Street [Draft Local List]
27 George Street [Draft Local List]
32 George Street [Grade II listed]
35-39 George Street [Draft Local List]
36 George Street - Former ’Waterstones’ building [Draft Local List]
60 George Street [Draft Local List]
62 George Street [Draft Local List]
63 George Street [Grade II listed]
George Street West
1 George Street West [Grade II listed]
3 George Street West [Grade II listed]
3 George Street West - Railings At Number 3 George Street West [Grade II listed]
4 George Street West [Draft Local List]
6 George Street West [Grade II listed]
7 & 9 George Street West [Grade II listed]
8 & 10 George Street West [Grade II listed]
9a George Street West [Grade II listed]
11 George Street West [Grade II listed]
13, 15 & 17 George Street West [Grade II listed]
19 George Street West [Grade II listed]
Gladstone Avenue
1-11 Gladstone Avenue [Draft Local List]
2-22 Gladstone Avenue [Draft Local List]
Guildford Street
22a and b Guildford Street [Draft Local List]
24 Guildford Street [Draft Local List]
30 Guildford Street [Draft Local List]
32 Guildford Street [Draft Local List]
34 Guildford Street [Draft Local List]
37 & 39 Guildford Street [Draft Local List]
40 Guildford Street [Grade II listed]
40a Guildford Street [Grade II listed]
47 Guildford Street [Grade II listed]
50 Guildford Street [Grade II listed]
Hart Hill Drive
Gas Lamp Outside Number 10 Hart Hill Drive [Grade II listed]
Gas Lamp Outside Number 32 Hart Hill Drive [Grade II listed]
30 Hart Hill Drive [Draft Local List]
56 Hart Hill Drive [Draft Local List]
Hart Hill Lane
Hill View [Draft Local List]
Hart Lane
Hart Lane Water Tower [Grade II listed]
Hastings Street
Ebenezer Chapel [Grade II listed]
Railings To Front And Side Of Ebenezer Chapel [Grade II listed]
70-76 Hastings Street [Grade II listed]
Havelock Road
11-21 Havelock Road [Draft Local List]
36 Havelock Road - Former Norton College, Hat Factory, Feather Sorting Factory [Draft Local List]
Hayward Tyler
Hayward Tyler [Draft Local List]
Hazelbury Crescent
29 & 31 Hazelbury Crescent - 29-31 Hazelbury Crescent [Draft Local List]
Hibbert Street
Hibbert Arms Public House [Draft Local List]
1-24 Hibbert Street - Hibbert Cottages, Alms Houses [Draft Local List]
High Street Leagrave
Church Of St Luke [Grade II listed]
Moorlands High School (formally Leagrave Hall) [Draft Local List]
Wesleyan Chapel [Draft Local List]
High Town Road
Bollard [Draft Local List]
Gates, Dwarf Wall And Railings To High Town Methodist Church [Grade II listed]
High Town Methodist Church [Grade II listed]
High Town Methodist Church Hall [Grade II listed]
The Painters Arms Public House [Grade II listed]
2 High Town Road [Draft Local List]
5 High Town Road [Draft Local List]
48 & 48A High Town Road [Draft Local List]
70 High Town Road - Former Co-op [Draft Local List]
Hitchin Road
St Thomas’s Church [Draft Local List]
Stopsley War Memorial [Draft Local List]
367 Hitchin Road - The Jolly Topers Public House [Draft Local List]
386 Hitchin Road - Round Green Tavern [Draft Local List]
John Street
Melson Arms Public House [Draft Local List]
55 John Street [Draft Local List]
Kimpton Road
Office Block, Vauxhall Motors [Grade II listed]
King Street
7-11 King Street [Draft Local List]
23-27 King Street [Grade II listed]
28 King Street [Draft Local List]
29-37 King Street [Grade II listed]
39 King Street [Grade II listed]
Lansdowne Road
22 Lansdowne Road [Draft Local List]
23 Lansdowne Road [Draft Local List]
31 Lansdowne Road - Ambassador House [Draft Local List]
London Road
Pill Box [Draft Local List]
16 London Road - Whitehill [Grade II listed]
87-93 London Road [Draft Local List]
107 London Road - The Mount [Draft Local List]
Manchester Street
11 & 13 Manchester Street [Draft Local List]
29-39 Manchester Street [Draft Local List]
Manton Drive
25 Manton Drive [Draft Local List]
Marsh Road
War Memorial [Draft Local List]
10 Marsh Road - Pines Hotel [Draft Local List]
Midland Road
Red Telephone Box [Draft Local List]
Station House [Draft Local List]
102 Midland Road [Draft Local List]
Moat Lane
Moat House [Grade II listed]
Moor Street
12a Moor Street - Community Centre [Draft Local List]
New Bedford Road
Bide a While [Draft Local List]
7 New Bedford Road [Grade II listed]
72 New Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
120 New Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
135 New Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
New Town Street
98 New Town Street [Draft Local List]
North Street
1 North Street - Seventh Day Adventist Church [Draft Local List]
Oakley Road
223 Oakley Road [Draft Local List]
Old Bedford Road
English Rose Public House [Draft Local List]
25-35 Old Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
138 & 140 Old Bedford Road - 138-140 Old Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
145 Old Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
146 Old Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
278 Old Bedford Road [Draft Local List]
Park Street
2 & 4 Park Street [Draft Local List]
16 Park Street [Grade II listed]
18 & 20 Park Street [Draft Local List]
22 & 24 Park Street - The Brewery Tap Public House & The Pioneer Bookshop [Grade II listed]
28-36 Park Street [Draft Local List]
38 Park Street - The Cock Public House [Grade II listed]
68-72 Park Street [Draft Local List]
101 Park Street [Grade II listed]
113 Park Street [Draft Local List]
Park Street West
11 & 13 Park Street West [Grade II listed]
15-19 Park Street West [Draft Local List]
21 & 23 Park Street West [Grade II listed]
25 Park Street West [Draft Local List]
27 & 29 Park Street West [Grade II listed]
31 & 33 Park Street West - 31-33 Park Street West [Draft Local List]
Rothesay Cemetery
Captain Charles Beecroft Grave Stone [Draft Local List]
Lodge and Gates [Draft Local List]
Rothesay Road
59 & 61 Rothesay Road [Draft Local List]
Russell Street
Former Chapel Langley School [Grade II listed]
St Saviours Church [Draft Local List]
St Thomas' Road
Stopsley Baptist Church [Draft Local List]
Station Road
Leagrave Train station [Draft Local List]
Stockingstone Road
St Christopher’s Church [Grade II listed]
279 Stockingstone Road [Draft Local List]
Stockwood Crescent
8 Stockwood Crescent [Draft Local List]
11 Stockwood Crescent [Draft Local List]
Stockwood Park
Stockwood House Stable Block [Grade II listed]
Stuart Street
24 Stuart Street [Draft Local List]
Trinity Road
Holy Trinity Church [Grade II listed]
Trinity church hall [Draft Local List]
81 Trinity Road - Original Baptist Chapel [Draft Local List]
Union Street
3 Union Street [Draft Local List]
6 & 8 Union Street - 6-8 Union Street [Draft Local List]
Upper George Street
Christ Church [Grade II listed]
Waldeck Road
Bury Park United Reformed Church [Grade II listed]
Wardown Park
Daisy Chain Wall [Draft Local List]
Entrance Gate and Outbuildings to Wardown Park House [Grade II listed]
Lodge To Wardown Park [Grade II listed]
Quadrant Walls, Curtain Walls And Gate Piers To Wardown Park Lodge [Grade II listed]
Summerhouse at Wardown Park [Grade II listed]
Wardown Park House [Grade II listed]
Wellington Street
Ceylon Baptist Church and Hall [Grade II listed]
Railings Fronting Ceylon Baptist Church [Grade II listed]
Railings Fronting Hall of Ceylon Baptist Church [Grade II listed]
8 & 10 Wellington Street - 8-10 Wellington Street [Draft Local List]
25 Wellington Street [Draft Local List]
35-45 Wellington Street [Draft Local List]
42-50 Wellington Street [Draft Local List]
54-58 Wellington Street - Public House [Draft Local List]
85 Wellington Street [Draft Local List]
93 Wellington Street [Grade II listed]
117-129 Wellington Street [Draft Local List]
152 Wellington Street - The Fountain Public House [Grade II listed]
Wenlock Street
Church of St Matthew [Grade II listed]
West Hill Road
Bailey Hill Water Tower [Grade II listed]
Memorial Park [Draft Local List]
4 & 6 West Hill Road [Draft Local List]
10 & 12 West Hill Road [Draft Local List]
31 West Hill Road - Cherry Gate [Draft Local List]
Westbourne Road
4 Westbourne Road - Luton Mosque and Cultural Centre [Draft Local List]
Windsor Street
27 Windsor Street [Draft Local List]


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