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22a and b Guildford Street

Address : 22a and b Guildford Street, Luton

Grid Reference : TL0933521445

Site Status : Draft Local List

Conservation Area : This is in the Plaiters Lea conservation area

Site Description : Modern factories built between 1918 and 1939. Two storey with basement, of Luton Grey brick. First floor has six casement windows. The centre window on either side of the building has stucco surrounds with key stone. The other windows have gauged brick arches above with central red brick keystones. Ground floor has two recessed double door entrances with a small flight of steps leading to each. Both have lead patterned fan light above. The ground floor is clad with concrete render which creates the effect of two pillars on either side of each section and on either side of each entrance door. Below the ground floor windows are lead light panels leading to basement.

Information provided by Luton Borough Council.

Reasons for inclusion on local list : Architectural, Aesthetic and Artistic Interest; Group Value and Contribution to Built Environment; Association with Individuals or Events of Special Local Value

Site Location (OS map and aerial view)

A red marker shows the site's location on the map and aerial view below. Use the slider controls or +/- buttons to zoom in and out, or click and drag the map or aerial view to move around.

To view street level photographs using Google Street View, drag the little orange figure (top left in the aerial view) onto one of the roads. To exit Street View, click the X in the top right corner. NB - when in Street View the red marker's position can be less accurate and may not always point to the correct building. You can blame Google for that, not us!

External Links

Bing Maps view - an angled aerial view centred on the current site, which is marked with a blue dot. Bing enables you to move round and view all four sides of the building (n.b. when viewing from other angles, the blue dot may not always indicate the correct building).

Wikipedia's Glossary of Architecture - you might find this helpful if you are not familiar with all the architectural terms used to describe this site. There are links to other glossaries on our Links page.

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