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Luton South Conservation Area

The Luton South Conservation Area is highlighted in green on the aerial view below. You can display the positions of listed sites in the conservation area by clicking the link below the map.

To move around or zoom in and out, use the controls on the left of the aerial view. You can also move around by clicking and dragging.To view street level photographs using Google Street View, drag the little orange figure (top left) onto one of the roads. To exit Street View, click the X in the top right corner of the map.

Whilst we have tried to plot the conservation area as accurately as possible, you should refer to Luton Borough Council's map for the definitive boundary. Links to the Council's conservation area maps are provided below.

Show the locally and nationally listed sites in the Luton South conservation area


PDF Downloads

The following links are for PDF documents which can be downloaded for free from the Luton Borough Council website. Clicking on a link to a PDF will open the document in your browser, provided you have the Adobe Reader plugin installed. To download a file directly, right click on the link (CTRL-click if you are using a Mac).

All documents are smaller than 5MB unless otherwise stated.

Conservation Area Maps

High Town Conservation Area

Plaiters Lea Conservation Area

Town Centre Conservation Area

Rothesay Conservation Area

Luton South Conservation Area


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