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The History of Luton by Frederick Davis

Frederick Davis first published his History of Luton in 1855. This book has been digitised by Google Books and can be viewed below. You can also view it on the Google Books website, where it can be downloaded as an eBook or PDF.

Use the arrow buttons to move to the next or previous page, or just click and drag the pages up and down. Use the + and - magnifying glass buttons to zoom in and out. Click the Contents button to jump to the contents page. To search the book, type some text in the Search box and click the magniying glass icon.


Frederick Davis's History of Luton

When Frederick Davis published his book in 1855, it was titled The History of Luton with its Hamlets Etc. He published a revised and updated version in 1874 with the title Luton, Past and Present: Its History and Antiquities. Unlike the 1855 edition, the 1874 book contained a number of photographs.

The version Google Books has digitised comes from the New York Public Library. Davis himself appears to have written "Presented to Mr Bakinger by the Author, Luton April 14, 1858" in the front of the book - though he didn't actually sign it.

Davis's book is interesting and well worth reading, however it does contain innacuracies. William Austin's two volume The History of Luton and its Hamlets, published in 1928, is generally reckoned to be more accurate than Davis's book,


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